About Me



Eat (healthy-ish), drink alcohol, run, drink more alcohol, holiday, repeat.

I was a 20-year old, first year student at Reading University studying Maths and Economics. A keen netball player in the university first team. I was a drinking and social enthusiast that wouldn’t relent to a crazy night out. I was a running enthusiast when I could be bothered, carrying around at my heaviest, 70 odd kg of a size 10, 5’7” mesomorph build, sporting a promising 4 pack in the abdominal area and a slightly rounded backside (my plentiful teenage years on the athletics track were to certainly be thanked for this).

Aside from what I would consider a normal dissatisfaction with one’s general appearance – this being; enough to moan about, but not really enough to do anything about – I would’ve never imagined that I would veer down the path I did and the path I’m still very much struggling with now.


Now a couple of years down the line, I feel I have gone through and come out of the worst part of suffering with anorexia. I have had an incredibly supportive and positive recovery year where I have overcome more than I ever thought was possible.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to how I was before but I don’t consider this such a bad thing any more. Overcoming an eating disorder, or being well on my way to, has released a new way of life for me and a life that I’m learning to adapt to and obtain happiness from.